Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Decimator Size Comparison

Dropped by the store the other to have a few games of X Wing with Jeremy and Vick. And someone was lucky (or mad) enough to get one of the Gencon early release of the Decimator. I was keen to see how large the model was so took out some of my other models for comparison. Here they are:

Decimator and Shuttle side by side

Decimator next to the Falcon. I was quite surprised that it wasn't so much bigger than the Falcon. 

But the footprint of this model is quite large compared to the other big ships we have.

Available at your LGS at double the retail price! I guess some people are happy to pay for Early Access
Played my Soontir with mini swarm that day. I like the maneuverability of the Interceptor and the Swarm does provide bodies to shield against attacks. 

Jeremy thought that the Soontir Swarm was a little better than my other list below:

My problem with the Defender is the green maneuvers are all straights, forcing me to live with no actions when Stressed. Maybe I just need to fly the Defender a little more.

I also had this list which I tried yesterday with no success:

The Shuttle is really a hard ship to move about on the field. Wrongly assuming that I could do a Gentle 1, followed by a Gentle 1 Boost is a bad idea. Too slow and having so many points invested on an easy to kill ship doesn't make much sense. Played it 3 times against Jeremy with varying speeds but no luck. I guess my playstyle suites the Stress Shuttle more.

I am finding that flying too much Rebels is bad for me. I start to rely on shields and the 360 arc that comes with the Falcon. I need to readjust for Imperials. Or maybe just get loaded dice! 
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing Tournament: Tough Choice

Vick organised a 100 point tournament with an interesting twist. You bring two 100 point lists and your opponent gets to choose which one he wants to play against. You choose one of his lists as well. No duplicated unique pilots in either lists. You can bring unnamed ships but only 4 of each kind total in both lists. That's it! 

So I brought two lists:

3 rounds Swiss style. Highest points win using the new VP difference in the FAQ. Here are some pics from my games.  
First game played the previous Malaysian Regionals Champion. He chose Wookie Bees. It was quite a slow game as we deployed on both ends of the board. I knew he was trying to lure me in and use the Ion Cannons to pull me offboard so I did everything I could to hold back. He did the same and while other players were killing off ships, we were still moving 1 forward, 1 gentle. LOL! I almost lost Chewie but that one Evade counter saved me! Woot Millennium Falcon! We ended playing to time and I managed to kill off his Dagger Squadron B Wing and HWK netting me a 24 point win. 

My 2nd game was with of all people, Roy! He is my sparring partner and we were building lists together even the night before! You can see from above, we had almost mirror lists. He chose my 2014 Regionals List knowing that I practiced a lot with my Rebels recently. Echo is hard to pilot without practice and I landed all my ships on the Asteroids at least once. I flew like an idiot hence lost this one. Managed to down his Shuttle for my Echo. 

Final game was against a relatively newer player. He brought Vader in one of his lists and I was both puzzled and intimidated at the same time. I have tried flying Vader in his Advance before but could never quite make it work. Did he find a way to do it? I wanted to see hence I chose his list. Unfortunately it seemed that he didn't have enough experience flying the Interceptor allowing me to kill Soontir early game. I then gave chase with the 3 other ships and managed to table him. 100 point win to me. 
2 Wins, 1 Loss netted me the 4th position. I won a Y-Wing card, Academy card and Target Lock 4. Not bad for 4 hours of fun and $7.

Looking forward to the next one. There's also a chance that I may go up north to play at the Malaysian Nationals. With such a nice prize pack, I think the competition will be hot.

Sweet red templates and target locks! 
On a sidenote, I am quite disappointed that Singapore failed to get our own Nationals. Rumour has it that our Distributor failed to secure the pack due to some sales targets but I don't know how much this is true. Still wish they would forget the politics and just focus on the game.

I will be back with more reports! X Wing caught me in it's wings and I am in love with this game. 
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

X Wing Practice for Tourney and Grex League

I've been quite quite busy practicing X Wing for the Tough Choice Tournament prior to the event and didn't manage to put it up on the blog. Here are some pictures of a few builds I tried prior to the event. I dubbed it Wookie's Bees:

I played a few games with it and actually managed to win against the few lists thrown at me. 

Against a nimble Empire list with Echo, Bounty Hunter and Shuttle

Against a Rebel boardcontrol list with Ions

The list performed pretty well. Lots of hull and firepower. 

I brought it down to GREX for our League and I played Shane with the same list. Shane focussed on my ships and took them out fast. The lack of Evade was hampering me. 

Had dinner with Shane and Vick and Vick suggested I try something different by forcing the opponent to split fire and choose between my ships. He suggested swapping out one B Wing for 2 Z Headhunters. Hence this list came into being:

Of course Vick then had the honour to fight my new list he helped hone.

3 Phantoms! 

Vick took the trouble to get these cloaked versions made. 
 I managed to win. Gotta say, I like this version of my list!

I had some time to play so Roy and I whipped out our lists to play. I tried something unique that was put on FFG's site when the E Wing first hit.

Not bad. The E Wing is very mobile and that dial, my goodness is powerful. Luke helps to soak up some Crits and I won.
 That's about it for 1 week of X Wing gaming! Tune in for the tournament report tomorrow!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing Wave 5 - Details of the Contents

As Rebel Aces come out this month, we can expect Wave 5 to hit us pretty soon with the two large ships. Last spotted at Gencon, this picture will give you a rough idea of their sizes. I personally am going to enjoy trying out the Decimator. 360 degree firing, Millennium Falcon, chew on this. 

Dial for the new YT2400

The cards for the Decimator

YT pilot and upgrade cards

This is interesting. New debris field which will be stressful to fly in! 
Hope you guys have pre-ordered your stuff! I know I have! 
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Star Wars X Wing Wave 6

Gencon 2014 had a surprise for all of us. Scum and Villiany is the 3rd faction to join our game. I will let the pictures speak. 

Some close ups of the ships:

Most Wanted Pack. This pack will contain cards and dials for our favourite Bounty Hunter, Bobba Fett in this 3rd Faction.

And if you guys are worried that Star Wars Armada might push our beloved game into oblivion, here is an interview you will want to watch. Excellent questions on things such as bumping, 360 arcs, points costs and the future of the game (read: Tie Advance). 

And of course, here are the sets and cards:

Probably largest set of cards for a small set. 

The whole gang
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Star Wars Armada

So unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, Star Wars Armada is coming early 2015! =D Very likely just after New Year or at least in Q1 of 2015. So looking forward to it!

These pictures were taken at Gencon. I will let the pictures do the talking:

It's Mako! 

Casted Howlrunner

Movement template and order dial

Box set it set for $100 release price

Looking really neat

These were added after the In Flight Report at Gencon 2014.

There are fighter packs which will release these in boxes

If you are wondering how the game plays, here are two vids from the event:

For those who prefer to read, do go check out the breakdown here.
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