Monday, December 18, 2017

Ashes & Dust - Monsters of Malifaux

Have gotten around to painting my Ashes and Dust for my Outcast faction. Really good fun putting this model and painting it. Here are some highlight photos from my journey! 

Big believer in putting as many models together as possible, even terrain! 

Raw plastic! 

Now with bases made of Milliput and a trusty press

Preshaded, I start off by getting the bases done up. 
Drybrushing always leave marks on the miniature if you're not careful so best to get it done first. You can always cover up those mistakes as you paint the actual model thus saving you time and effort. It's all about efficiency! 

I used the airbrush to get the base colors down on Ashes & Dust. The zenithal highlight on the Desolation Engine helped to create the highlights before I added a wash to crate the skin layers
Here are some pretty pictures! I hope you like them!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

GREX Combat Carnival

Gamersaurus Rex organized a newbie friendly event at 1000 points and I threw in my hat to support them. 

Originally I had planned to bring another list which contained some Genestealers but ended up scrapping the idea when Leon thrashed me convincingly. Looked like that list needed more work so I brought the previous list that i brought to DP's Games Day. 

Game 1

Drew against Lum, also known as the Luminator who speaks in 3rd person. He brought a very skewed list that was more shooty with 3 Venerable Dreads, 2 units of Scouts and 2 characters. 

We played the first mission from Chapter Approved which meant that mobility was key. Thankfully my list is very flexible, allowing me to deploy my Flyers all the way in his lines. 

I managed to move into his table edge and razed all his objectives for 6 VP the first turn. Lum basically gave up after 2 turns. Ouch.

With some spare time, I went around gazing at other armies.

The flash was not planned! 

This was a tad bit more natural
The painter is Wong Wai Liong and he paints really well. Add in his ability to convert, you've got a fantastic army!

Just look at that contrast

All nicely painted
Game 2
Going for Gold
I played a newer player called Ling and he played Orks. Unfortunately for him, my army was really well adapted to deal with large numbers owing to the number of shots I can put out per turn. And in true form, I removed a large part of his army and he was rightfully shocked. Orks really need a new codex.

Elite painting skillz
Just look at that detail
Wai Liong really is quite an amazing painter!

At the end of the day each player were give 2 Raffle Tickets if they win a game, 2 Raffle Tickets if your opponent gave you thumbs up for the game and 2 Raffles Tickets if you have a fully painted army. I got 8 Raffle Tickets but Lady Luck deserted me leaving me with no prizes.

The best thing about this format was that it encouraged a very relaxed environment, people came prepared with efficient lists and all were painted. It was awesome to be surrounded with like minded hobbyist and I was really glad GREX put in the effort to run these events. I will definitely go down for the next one! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Dueller's Point Games Day 2017

A bunch of us at ABO attended a recent Games Day that was organized by Leon and Dueller's Point. This was a 1000 point friendly event that encouraged efficient lists but not too spammy. Considering I haven't played too much 40k 8th Edition till this point, I went with something I was a little more familiar with. 

Hive Fleet Leviathan
  • Hive Tyrant - wings, 2x Brainleech Devourers
  • Hive Tyrant - wings, 2x Brainleech Devourers
  • 3 Hive Guard with Impaler Canons
  • 3 Rippers
  • 23 Hormagants
  • 3 Tyranid Warriors
  • 10 Gargolyes
  • 10 Gargolyes
  • Carnifex with 2x Brainleech Devourers, Enchanced Senses, Spore Cysts
Game 1
I played against Renzus who brought a Chaos army with 2 units of Obliterators who were in reserve. However, having little experience playing the ITC ruleset, I was not aware that there was 2 Objectives, Primary and Secondary. While I was far ahead in the Primary, I lost the secondary. Eventually tying the game and we both walked away having a Draw in our record. 

Renzus vs Ray
Game 2
Next game was with a Nicholas I think. He brought some Ultramarines without Guilliman. I remember he brought and deployed a large part of the Scouts up front to deny me from Deep Striking but left a gap on the one edge my Tyrant can get in. Once it did, it was basically a mop up. The Hive Guard also did remarkably well, taking out a tank per turn. Unfortunately, he gave up at the end of Turn 2, conceding 20-0.

His Reivers were prime to do a charge but failed the roll

While the rest of my army play mop up.
Game 3
When the TO called out the next pair, I grinned. It was our very own Mark! He brought a massive army and it was a Horde vs Swarm. Going for Smite, I suspected that I needed to clear those Shamans out but he was in a massive ball surrounded by everything! 

Going for his back lines, I was hoping to use the Tyrants to punch a hole

You can hear the Waagh from here

While the rest of my army hunkers down
Mind is a bit hazy now but I do recall that I won the game by a small margin, something like 14 to 6.

I eventually placed Best Xenos General and got a $25 voucher for a fun day of gaming. All in, it was a great day! 

I had also actually won Best Painted (by votes) but you can't win two awards so it went to Alan's Vostroyans. 

Army Showcase
It was really nice to see people put effort into making their armies all nice and ready for the event. Here are some pictures!

Mark's Orks

There is so much character in this model

A scary sight

Tyranids were out enmass probably due to the codex releasing a week before the event

Very neat and clean

Considering it was completed the night before, that's pretty good effort

Our very own Ripperling, Jason completed this 

Alan and his Vostroyans

Renzus' Chaossss

Clean look 

Efficient color scheme here too

Superfriends list 

That's a big tank you have there! 

Everyone's favourite unit! 

Bloody Angels

Those are some nice clean blues

Airforce Elf

Airforce Ommmnoommmnboomm

And of course, my very own list
I really enjoyed the event. 1000 points is a really good sweet spot as games can finish within 2 hours. Most games resolve at roughly 1.5 hours. Leon made a fantastic effort of printing out the scenario and everyone, I mean 4 copies of each army list for each player. The player pack was probably one of the best I have ever experienced. The only gripe is the terrain but considering this is a relatively new store, I feel that given time, DP can be quite a good store. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Quickrep: Blood Angels vs Orks

With the Blood Angel codex out for the 8th edition and a boat load of my old minis not having seen much action, Raymond Nguan and myself hit the table at Dueller's Point to get a 1000 point game in. Using the ITC ruleset and scenario, we played Capture and Control. 

I wanted to try out the following list:
  • Lemartes
  • Sanguinary Priest 
  • 15 Death Company all armed with Chain Sword and Bolt Pistols
  • 3 Aggressors with Storm Gauntlets and Grenade Launchers (still building so was proxied by Terminators)
  • 5 Devastators all armed with Lascannons
  • 5 Tactical Marines with Heavy Flamer and Bolters
  • 5 Tactical Marines with Heavy Flamer and Bolters
My opponent brought 
  • 3 units of 30 Slugga Orks 
  • 3 Shamans 
  • Shield Ork
  • Painboy
A very straightforward list, and away we go! 


That's a massive horde
Turn 1 was probably where I made a huge mistake. I was not aware that the Aggressors can shoot twice if they didn't move! Worse still, the Orks had the first turn and deploying them so far out allowed the Shaman to take one of them out. Ouch!

Death Company arrives
Dropping them right behind the Ork lines was a good idea until I realise that the trade off was not that good. Granted I did manage to take out the characters, in return it allowed the Orks to pile in and take the unit out.
Bottom of Turn 2
The Orks made into my lines and I had little to hit back. Also, not reading the Objectives properly cost me 1 VP as I needed to kill off 3 units, not 2. At Turn 3, I called it and the Baalites returned to their Thunderhawks.

Key changes coming. Will be experimenting with the following:

  1. Replacing the Tacticals with more Sniper Scouts for backline objective holding
  2. Decreasing the Death Company to 10
  3. Shotgun Scouts

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Disappointment with Advance Deployment.

Unfortunately today I have to share this with the community. TLDR? If you are planning to order from Advance Deployment, stop. A ton of promises, a number of lies and lack of follow led to this outcome.

The following timeline have been shortened to spare you the number of chasers I have sent to AD and till today, no response from the company/person called Ravyn. I know he has read the messages but chose not to respond.

24th April: I placed an order with Advance Deployment. It was a large order comprising a number of basic stuff and custom items.

19th May: I receive the tokens. However, only the custom tokens came in Day-Glow Yellow while the rest came in Translucent Yellow (my entire order was meant to be Day-Glow Yellow)

5th June: chaser through emails did not seem to generate response, neither did submissions to their websites. Finally received a response on Facebook Messenger acknowledging the mess up. AD agrees to resend the missing Day-Glow set.

5th July: package arrives but the tokens are not day-glow yellow. I message AD and Ravyn now claimed that the materials used have changed. He no longer has Day-Glow Yellow. Ravyn agreed to send me another set to match Translucent Yellow.

At this stage I was beginning to get skeptical. AD could have easily just messaged me and let me know the change in materials.

I have not receive any updates or the tokens which he promised.

Aug 17th: final message to AD letting them know that I have not heard a peep from them since July. AD reads the message (FB Messenger shows you this) but doesn't respond.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Femme Fatale Painting Competition

I missed out submitting in time for Total Testerone for Wyrd's monthly competition so I made it a point to complete my submission for Femma Fatale. It's a competition that Wyrd organizes on the Forums to encourage people to push their skills or for some, just to complete their models. I definitely used it as an excuse to pimp up some models!

Now that the judging is over, here are my entries and these are the results. My models were FF57 to FF65. Here are the images I submitted. Let me know which you like the most!

Unfortunately I didn't read the rules too carefully and missed out on a subtle rule. All images should be single models only. But here are some pictures that did not qualify.

In the end I did not place Top 3 but managed to snag a participation prize which I am quite happy about! I love these models anyway and getting a prize is just icing on the cake. Thanks Wyrd!


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