Monday, July 14, 2014

Improving the Gameplay X-perience for X-Wing

Like many of you who dived nose deep into X-Wing have come to realise, you'll find that our ships slide about on the gaming mat quite easily. This makes for a disruptive game as the game is meant to be quite precise. 

My friend Roy found a simple solution. 3M Bumpon stickers. Once stuck under the base of the ships, they provide a solid grip. You can now push your template against the base and the base still would remain locked to the spot. Here's one example

4 to a base. This ship now grips really hard on the mat. 

Look for these

They remain flush to the mat preventing your template from sliding under
The next thing he improved on was to use these velcro packs. Sticking one of each pair to the target locks, I now did not have to rummage through my box every time my X-Wing or Shuttle took a Target Lock action.

Stuck them on

Now they are always matching! 
Hope these ideas help make your game smoother! 
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Batrep: Ghazghkull Orks vs Altansar Eldar

Youcai and myself played a 1850 game earlier and this is the batrep. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, do drop us a comment. Also remember to "Follow" to get consistent updates! 

YC brought Ghazzkul and gang. His list had 3 Battlewagons (G was riding the golden one) while the other 2 had Orks armed with various choppa etc. Close combatants, 20 each. He brought a large unit of Shootas (30) and another large mob of 15 Lootas with Mekanik. There is a unit of 3 Heavy Nobs with a Painboy. 2 Kans and a Dakka jet. 

I brought the same list I have been playing. Boring I know but I do like the ability of this list to take all comers in 7th Ed. The fluid nature of the Tactical Objectives also forces me to be mobile. MSU's also take a strong presence in 7th ed armies now. 

YC built his army just the night before for our game-subtle shades of grey.

Rolled mission 1: Cleanse and Control

Warlord Powers

2nd Farseer powers. Managed to snag Invisibility again!
YC rolled for Night Fighting but failed.

Eldar deployment. I held one unit of Jetbikes and Spiders in Reserve and Deep Strike.

The sea of purple

While YC deploys aggressively to close the distance quickly
I took first turn and YC failed to Sieze.

Turn 1

Jumped the Spiders forward and the combined fire managed to total the Battlewagon

3 Serpents shot at the unit of 15, leaving only 2 models

Said Serpents

Jumped my Spiders back

G was angry and started pumping his armour hard

YC pushed his remaining Wagons up together with the Kans. 

In close combat G tears my Spiders a new one

Consolidates closer to my lines
Turn 2
I disembarked my Guardians to assist in taking out this behemoth. 

Both units in Reserve turn up. I dropped my 2nd unit of Spiders behind G and they scattered 4"

Concentrated fire into the other Wagon capturing Objective 6. YC was ahead of me in the Primary Objectives now, having scored 2 while I had none. 

Battlefocussed the Guardians and with the combined fire of the War Walkers managed to kill off one Nob. 2+/6++ is tough to chew through

The Shokk Attack Gun forced me to jink only to reveal no damage

Dakkajet suddenly emerged! YC forgot to roll so I let it in. YC had called the Waaagh but forgot to double the shots! Did not manage to hurt my Guardians.

G charges into my War Walkers only to have the snap fire kill off one Nob! 

Meanwhile his Shootas managed to pip off one HP from my Wraithknight.
Turn 3
I disembarked all my Troops. I needed weight of fire to down that beast. Killed off the chap and managed to score both the Tactical Objective and Slay the Warlord
I also charged the last Wagon and destroyed it. Consolidated back

Managed to total the other Wagon

While YC pulled his Shootas back to hide behind terrain. The Sabotaged Objective was also killing him

So YC quickly regrouped and moved his Orks into the forest 
Turn 5
I concentrated all fire onto the unit in the forest and killed them off

And focussed everything on the last unit hidden at the back. 

Mopped up every last Ork. Operation cleanse success
Post battle

I feel that this list is better than YC's previous 30k list. However, the attacks came piecemeal. If YC kept his 3 Wagons together I would have had a harder time prioritizing what to kill. Ghaz is really hard to kill with his heavy armour and all. Definitely good to bring Wagons. I think they work. The Lootas were hard countered by my Serpents and their shields.

I am quite surprised that my list still works in 7th. Granted that the past few games YC did bring less efficient lists, I have been liking what I see with my list. Will continue to work on the paint jobs. 
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Batrep: Altansar vs World Eaters - The Curtain Draws Open

You Cai and I finally got to play our game. 1850 a side, YC would be bringing a 30k army using the Forgeworld ruleset. I crafted a short narrative capturing the dark work that the Eldar do in the background. The stage was set, let the battle begin! 

The Curtain Draws Open
Farseer Turendas felt rather than see the the approach of the cloaked figure. 

"It is time" said the shimmering figure. 

"This is no mere mortal you tasked us to assassinate. He is a beast among their kind", replied Turendas. He had his suspicion that no matter his query, it would not change the outcome.

"You serve as others have before you. Morag-Heg has Her purpose", replied the fluid image. 

"Then it is done" acknowledged Turendas. 

He knew that the Harlequins broke no discussion when the decision has been made. Farseer gathered his Runes and Ghost Helm and sent out the message to gather the warhost. Altansar goes to war. 

YC recently completed his Angron model and we were gearing up for our ABOcalypse in about 1 month. I set the narrative up as a battle that took place way before Angron was caught in the Heresy, back in 30k. This was after the Eldar failed to assassinate him when he was a child.

What is known is that Angron was discovered by a slaver who chanced upon the battered and bleeding figure of the young Primarch surrounded by scores of alien corpses, high in the northern Desh'elika Mountains. History does not record what species these aliens belonged to, but many Imperial scholars believe them to have been Eldar who attempted to kill the Primarch, due to some psychic foreknowledge of the plague upon the galaxy he would one day become. Angron had been badly wounded in the combat, but remained alive.

-- taken from Warhammer40k Wiki

Now that the Primarach has reestablished contact with his Chapter, Angron was tasked by the Warmaster Horus to bring an outer-rim world to compliance. Upon completing this task and prior to departing to another system, the Eldar set a trap to isolate him from his main force and bring him to the ruined city of Brakenn V as the spearhead. 

Primarch Angron painted by YC

Missing from this picture is the Stormraven and the Dreadclaw Droppod

Scary in melee

Rolled these powers for Seer Firanir

Turendras rolled these powers and Warlord Trait
Deployment and Turn 1

We rolled Mission 6 - draw 6 Tactical Objectives and drop one each turn till you only hold 1 in your hand.

Eldar deployment

YC's objectives

Dreadclaw drops in with only one occupant - Angron. YC chose not to open the pod in favour of the gushing fire. Didn't hit anyone as it did not have range. 

Combined fire by the Predator and Land Raider damaged both my Serpent and Knight 

In my turn in drew these cards

Spread my army out to tackle the Primarch first

After pouring all my firepower into the Primarch and his Dreadclaw, I only managed to do 2 wounds!! 

I was in a whole lot of pain Turn 2
Turn 2
With a mighty bellow, Angron strides towards the Spiders

YC pushed the Land Raider forward 

Angron charged the Spiders only to find that Invisibility carried the day! Only 3 died to his fury! They Hit & Run, dodging out of the way. Angron consolidates closer to my Serpent. 

And in the Eldar Turn 2, all guns aimed at the monster. The coup de grace was capped by the Serpent. 

Charged my Wraithknight in only to do 3 Hull Points of damage - leaving him limping with one. 
Turn 3
Losing over 400+ points in one character, the World Eaters realised their mistake for being so hasty. The Land Raider pulled back

And concentrated all fire into the Knight taking the last 3 wounds 

Without the Primarch, I was free to engage targets 

Meanwhile my Reserves arrived and advanced on his newly disembarked Marines
 Turn 4
Finally the Stormraven arrived carrying the 5 melee monsters

In sheer madness, the last World Eater who did not perish in the previous round of shooting charged in...

...only to be gunned down in Overwatch

The Termis sure made short work of this Serpent

Forcing the Guardians out 

In my Turn 4, I swept around to support the middle field

While I began my kiting process, shoot and BattleFocus away
Turn 5

The Termis charge in and killed off 5 Guardians only to have them flee

Unable to pursue, the Termis were now in the open 

And in the final show of defiance, a rallied unit of Guardians snap firing shot and killed the last Termi! 

With 3 Guided War Walkers, I managed to down the flying Stormraven. The other Serpent shot it from behind as well. 

These were Objectives that I managed to secure
I tabled YC. His list really does need work. At 1850, it needs to have more flexibility and ability to deal with the various objectives. It didn't help that he sent units in piecemeal for me to chew on. Back to the drawing board!

It was a massacre. The trap set up by the Eldar was perfect. Angron dropped in, suffered a grievous wound and was whisked away at the last minute by some power!. The Eldar sensed the Ruinous Powers involvement and could only portent worse fears. 
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